UK: /ˈmuːn.bəʊ/ US: /ˈmuːn.boʊ/


definition: an arch (= curved shape) of white light seen in the sky when rain is falling and the moon is shining.

The moonbow is the seldom-seen, natural phenomenon that consists of what seems like a rainbow at night due to the moon’s reflection. Considering the rarity and beauty of this phenomenon, we wanted our services to reflect the same uniqueness and allure.

What We Do

We know the value of time. Consequently, we noticed the ever-persistent stress of many business owners. Almost all wished they had more time in the day for their long list of often untouched priorities or delayed, much-deserved “me-time”. We also saw the need for businesses to keep up with their social media and content calendars – a never-ending endeavour that requires a good chunk of hours each month, if not more.

Unfortunately, this combination of much to do alongside little time in the day to dedicate towards editing videos or sourcing graphic elements can prove stressful to say the least. This is where Moonbow comes in. We do the research, visual sourcing, copywriting, and everything else content creation encompasses so that business owners can enjoy the extra hours of free time in their lives.

Simply put, Moonbow Creative is a content creation agency that delivers quality written and graphic content optimized for social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as the web. We currently offer 3 packages which are designed for small businesses, start-ups, or any business that simply wishes to outsource their content creation. To learn more, check out our Services page or Contact Us.